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Next job is to set up for viewing on Ipads and mobiles

Work out layout of all other pages and link back to main page

Enter a skeleton family to check layout on verious Devices

Set up a proper Contact pages

Set up a Blog, an searchable archive and a system backup system

This site will be for all COULL related items I come across

Any Suggestions are most welcome at

If you are a visitor, please check back soon.

Martin Coull

Martin Coull

Had my snooze and now ready to eat!

Taken on Raymond Island, Victoria, Australia where you can see twenty to fifty koalas in a small area of Gum trees


Koalas do not like to be wakened from their snooze, they also have quite weak bladders.

Charles Leary and wife Mercy COULL

Web development is my forte. More details coming very soon

Nothing is too small small or too large for my colleagues and I, from top quality photographs and design to databases custom designed for your particular requirements

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